It all started in the year 2006, ideally in junction with the legendary Detroit Electronic Music Festival, as a way to celebrate one of the major events that shaped Turin recent history: the Winter Olympic Games. A debut of its own, that led to a constant growth, year after year. The following year, already 6,000 people attended – many of them hailing from a greater area, not merely from the city and its surroundings. That meant a lot.

Two years later, the attendance tripled; year 2009, the festival grew up to a 2 days length, 20
international guests, more than 25 hours of live sets, 3D digital projections, an attendance of
15,000. But it’s the 2010 edition that happened to be crucial (graced by an unforgettable, Italian exclusive show by the Chemical Brothers), simply setting the festival at the top of the game. And this where it’s still placed, constantly: the main Italian indoor event for electronic music, stakes higher year after year, and a well-testified place among leading electronic music events in Europe (check Resident Advisor or Mixmag, for instance).

This continuous aim to grow and expand its limits, quality- and quantity wise, led to a prestigious recognition – the patronage of the European Commission (shared with the “twin”, open-air event Kappa FuturFestival). But most of all, it led to a loyal following: all people attending feel, in a way, that they’re part of something special, something unique, where the line up and the numbers are a just a part of the whole experience. An experience-based on brotherhood, intensity, innovation, challenges, quality.

In 2018 the festival is ready to set new records and explore new frontiers, even more daring, with a 3 days main event at Lingotto Fiere (the 12th, 13th and 31st of October) and a whole week of special events taking over the city and its most significant spots, be it the revered Politecnico University or the Turin Airport.